Everyone needs a website!

Website development services include:

  • Platform Selection
  • Concept & Mock-up
  • Graphic Editing & Design
  • Custom Animations & Features

Website Development Creative Process:

I have worked on a number of software platforms both open source and enterprise.  I understand how to create and manipulate databases using a variety of software methods.  I take a strong stance on security, particularly when sensitive data is present.  My professional experiences ranges from working as a freelancer, working in small business, to being a team member in a large corporate environment.


I want to apply my knowledge and skills to your next project!

Core Functionality & Concepts

Ensure that the platform being used will fit the need.  Discuss custom functionality and other solutions that may need to be incorporated.

Gather Content & Media

Combine content in a comprehensive way.  Organize any media and develop categories for ideas and keywords to target for SEO.  Gather any video or photos that may be needed.  Determine Fonts and Logos.  Discuss design concepts and color schemes.

Mock-Up Initial Design

This mock-up will then get translated into the desired template or built into the theme of the current platform.  It should contain an idea of the necessary fonts, images and verbiage that will need to be included.  It will be based on the platform and media provided and will give a representation of the final product.

Review & Revise

Review and complete any desired changes or updates to the initial design.  Ensure all core functionality and concepts are included.

Create & Implement

Edit and revise media for publishing as needed.  Create or author pages and content.  Program any custom functionality.  Test workflows and ensure everything is running smoothly and working as intended.  This process will be constantly repeated.

Programing Languages: