Nathan Goodfellow

Nathan Goodfellow


“I want to apply my knowledge and skills to your projects!”

360 Production.Services

  • Street View Professional
  • Local Google Guide
  • 360 Photography
  • 360 Videography
  • Event Services
  • Online Promotions
  • Virtual Reality Experiences
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Web Application Programming

  • Design & Development
  • Custom Functionality
  • Personal & Business Solutions
  • Linux, Windows, & Apple Platforms
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python & more.

Business Solutions:

Does your business have a technology need?

I am an experienced technologist with over 10 years of professional experience.  I have implemented a number of systems and understand the underlying processes and foundations that web based software utilize.  I have experience in scoping a project from start-to-finish, or working with other professionals to accomplish a goal.  I am flexible and ready to adapt my technology skill-set to new projects.

Need an expert to ensure your processes are on track?

I have completed the following training through the Certified Management & Strategy Institute:

  • Project Management – LEAN Process Certified
  • Strategic Organizational Leadership

I apply the LEAN strategy in my analysis of systems and process to ensure there is a constant assessment and improvement.  My leadership training have given me the skills needed to take a lead role on any project and work efficiently to ensure success.  I take great pride in these skills and I am constantly self improving.